IoT Tree Protection Solution

Who we are?

Sockets required?

Heavy drilling?

Weak Signal?

Long construction time?

High cost?

Do you have these IoT solution problems?

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Why cables?

Next Gen. IoT

Long range, battery operated

Fragile goods

Lifespan Up to 3 years

Coverage Up to 10 km (5 miles)

Patented IoT MESH system

Self-developed Dashboard

Customized Hardware

SST housing family 2020-06-25.141.png

Palm size device



Our LPWAN compatibility

Vaccine Delivery

Extreme low temperature monitoring

Our low temperature probe series can monitor extreme low temperature down to -200C

Fall Detection

Using centre of gravity & AI deep learning 

60GHz radar detection with machine learning engine to determine human fall gestures

Bus-bar temperature control

Temperature range can be monitored

Our analog thermocouple devices can monitor a preset upper and lower temp range


Detect water leakage instantly

Our leakage sensing devices allow users to be notified whenever leakage occurs

Water level

Water level measurement

By using outdoor ultrasonic water level sensing devices to monitor flooding

Waste Management

Bin Capacity, Weighing

By using IR or radar bin capacity with IoT weighing devices to monitor waste


No drilling, familiar form factors

Our bollard and bumper type parking devices with Time-of-Flight technology can save a lot of installation cost

SOS Tracking

Trace hikers' location outdoor

Credit card size SOS devices which track hikers' location by pressing panic buttons

Illegal logging

Retro-fit design to protect trees

Our special retro-fit sensing devices are able to track whether illegal logging activities occur

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