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The self-sustainable, circular economy

In the face of mounting environmental challenges, innovative solutions are essential to combat food waste and its detrimental impact on our planet. This essay introduces a real-life circular economy approach, designed to tackle food waste comprehensively and sustainably. The circular economy model incorporates three crucial steps: collection, recycle, and upcycle, all facilitated through the natural consumption of black soldier flies.

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The first step involves the efficient collection of food waste from various sources, mainly in restaurants and businesses.


Instead of ending up in landfills or incineration facilities, this food waste is redirected towards a more sustainable path.


The second step focuses on recycling and upcycling the collected waste, converting it into valuable resources.


Enter the black soldier flies, nature's remarkable decomposers, adept at consuming organic matter efficiently.

The black soldier fly larvae, a bioconversion marvel, devour the food waste, converting it into nutrient-rich compost and protein-rich larvae biomass.


The larvae's abundance becomes a valuable source of natural animal feed, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem within the circular economy.


By adopting this approach, not only is food waste diverted from harmful disposal methods, but greenhouse gas emissions from incineration and landfills are drastically reduced.


By harnessing the larvae's insatiable appetite for organic matter, particularly reusable food waste, an ingenious circular economy model is born. This groundbreaking approach ensures that food waste, which would otherwise end up in landfills, is transformed into nutrient-rich larvae biomass, forming the crux of the most organic and eco-friendly animal feeds.


Through this harmonious fusion of natural resources and responsible upcycling, we set the stage for a brighter, greener future, paving the way towards a more resilient and environmentally conscious approach to feeding our aquatic species and cherished pets.

Sensestek IoT traceability system represents a groundbreaking innovation in sustainable food waste management.


Through real-time monitoring, it meticulously tracks the entire lifecycle of food waste from its inception to its transformation into valuable resources. The system employs advanced sensors and quantitative measurements to record crucial data, including the incoming food waste transformative performance, and the output of nutrient-rich animal feeds and organic fertilizers.


Our unique formula, enabling precise calculation of greenhouse gas reductions throughout the entire process.


Our associates

We are delighted and immensely grateful to introduce our esteemed associates, who share our unwavering ambition to walk the path of the circular economy together. With their steadfast commitment to sustainability and innovation, they have become indispensable partners in our journey towards a more eco-conscious future. Collaboratively, we envision a world where waste is transformed into valuable resources, and every step we take aligns with the principles of circularity. Their dedication, expertise, and shared vision inspire us daily as we strive to create lasting positive impacts on the environment and society. As we forge ahead hand in hand, we are humbled by the collective strength of our partnership, and together, we are poised to lead the way towards a more sustainable and regenerative world.

Lonble Acutrek Limited

Lonble Acutrek Limited with the latest IoT water monitoring solution for various aquaculture species, help reducing carbon emission via import logistics and providing healthier species to Hong Kong citizens as to comply with the food safety standard.

BSF Innovation Limited

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BSF Innovation Limited specialise in BSF farming technology and has the most innovative upcycling methodologies for unwelcome food waste such as bones and shells, and help reducing the most greenhouse gas emission against food waste.

Hung Yat Farm

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The most organic agriculture farmland with guaranteed bio-diversity conservation, chemical and pesticide-free process in aligning with the highest- quality products.

We need you!

Be part of us, and help reducing GHG emission together. We cannot avoid to become a food waste generator, but we have ways to treat them better. How? Check out our fact sheet by downloading it.

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