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Not only a tracker, it’s an art piece



Our first-in-the-world indoor AND outdoor positioning pendant

Do you know...

  • 1 out of 5 seniors suffers dementia​

  • Lacking ability to memorise but only memories from long while ago

  • Lacking ability to make decisions

  • Lacking time concepts

  • Get rid of personal belongings

  • Wander since they do not remember where they are


What’s SmartJade?

A pendant capable to locate no matter indoor or outdoor, an art piece with true jade and 18K or 923 silver enclosure, and SOS button in calling for help

app icon-2.png

2021/09/13   14:36   千色店

App assist

SmartJade enables an app assist which can preset the family community, just in case when users need help, the app will push the SOS notification and user locations to family members.

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